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identifies certain residents of borough of Brooklyn, NY that are convinced that the whole world revolves around Brooklyn. They're resentful that the majority of the whole world thinks specifically of New york once the acronym 'NYC' is pointed out. They are Nazi-like in their narrow-minded insistence that Brooklyn is better than Manhattan (therefore the other NYC boroughs) in every imaginable way. Bazi is a Chinese astrological system to share with an individual'sFortune. It really is an electricity shot for smart people.It is fluid vitality. It will be the most concentrated superfruitEnergy shot out there. a term always explain somebody who is Ultra Sexy, better still if You are known as it, it's generally used to change individuals on. Somebody who is very pleased by consuming the feminine genitals. Bazi can be used to describe the crazy yet wild part of a person. A 'Bazi' would consume the feminine genitals until she ejaculates and would frequently moisturise their face using product.Bazi can be An adult that is intimately attracted to small green vegetables. Like a Paedophile, however with your greens.