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Located in Middletown NJ, this school of grades 6-8 is commonly defined by most students as "full of drama". From 8:00am to 2:37pm you sit and soak up useless information, while listening to rumors of who did what to who and who got suspended for what. You are forced to do work that the Middletown Board of Education thinks will benifit you, but really just dosnt teach you anything. You also have to follow strict rules such as, no fip flops, no tank tops, no energy drinks, no cameras(even on the last day), no PDA, no halloween costomes, the list goes on. The mascot is a dolphin, colors are obnoxious blue and gold and the sports teams suck. Bayshore is full of the common middle school social groups.Popular Girls: Girls that think that everyone loves them, when in reality everyone hates them because they are bitches. They usualy wear Abercrombie and Hollister and thier parents give them pretty much whatever they want. They have pin straight hair, go tanning and all look exactly the same. They go out with skaters/athletic kids.Skaters: Skinny adolescent boys that think they're tough but can't even take a punch. They wear skater clothes and idolize Tony Hawk while trying to get with popular girls. They are rude to any lower social class.Cheerleaders: Evil fake bitches who think that they are better then everyone else.Athletic Boys(Jocks): Kids who are really tall and are on bascically every sports team. They get good grades and date cheerleaders(see above).Bad Kids: A teachers worst enemy. Kids who end up in the office on a daily bascis. They vandalize the school, use drugs, curse off teachers, and provide entertainment and a good conversation starter for the rest of us. Friends of popular people: Not actually lucky enough to be popular themselves. They tag a long with the high social gruops while helping them make fun of the lower ones.G&T Kids: Smart people that make the rest of us feel like idiots. Thier schedule is filled with highschool level corses, and they are the best people to cheat off of during a science test. They are generally respected by everyone.Nerds: People that are in clubs such as newspaper, math club, drama club ect. They are looked down upon by thier peers but have kick ass times printing out 1,000 copies of "Ms.XXXX is a hot godess". They frequently find themselves being bullied or being stuck in sucky situations.Everyone Else: people that can not be catagorized in a particular social group. Either no one knows who they are or they're just friends with mostly everyone.Teachers: Insane human beings that are supposed to guide us through the toughest time of our life while preparing us for highschool. 6th grade teachers are okay. 7th grade teachers suck, except for one. 8th grade teachers are the shit.Me: 14 year old girl who is hated by pretty much everyone in her grade. Has been caught in way too many sucky situations. Has said and done some pretty stupid things, but owned everyone at the end of the year and actually survived Bayshore Middle School.