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Malay term generally made use of across Malaysia, Indonesia & Singapore for:1. a 'baby'.2. a North Indian or 'Bhaiyya', whether Punjabi, Hindustani, Rajasthani or Bengali. Synonymous with 'Orang Benggali' ('Bengali person' or 'Indo-Aryan person'). Malay very carefully distinguishes the Indo-Aryan from the Dravidian, terming the latter 'Ah Neh' or 'Keling'.Derived from 'Bhai' (North Indo-Aryan word meaning 'brother'), the Malay by-product is naturally applicable to a speaker of every language containing this word, incl. Punjabi, Hindustani, Rajasthani & Bengali. Hence, it is clear this term just isn't derogatory or insulting, as some ideologues claim, for this is derived from an Indo-Aryan term itself.Meanwhile, Punjabi Jokes & Sardarji Jokes which are popular in N. India were transferred to the more Malay Archipelago, where 'Bayi Jokes' (centring regarding activities of Bayi Singh, Bayi Khan or Bayi Kapoor) would be the Malay alternatives of Santa Banta Jokes & Punjabiji Jokes.