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Michael Bay's new movie, Transformers, is usually known as "Bayformers". It is because their movies pull so incredibly bad, and people coined the phrase which will make enjoyable of Bay's upcoming crap-ola fest. Name commonly used to mention to Michael Bay's Transformers, to denote the fact Michael Bay's Transformers and genuine Transformers have somewhere within little and absolutely nothing after all related to each other and therefore are two separate and distinct properties. Including, the first Transformers were a fun and entertaining series of television shows, comic books, toys and an animated motion picture that inspired imaginations making use of their distinct, colorful, and familiar characters. Bayformers, on the other hand, is a huge pile of overproduced steaming shit high in defectively created "characters" which can be either indistinguishable CGI clusterfucks or underwritten real human actors representing ridiculous and asinine cliches, neither that you give a crap about.