What does Bau mean?

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  • construction
  • planet [of fox, badger etc.]
  • building of a bridge
  • building of a tower
  • institution [of a building, highway]
  • lair
  • construction
  • building of historical interest
  • building of warships
  • coachbuilding
  • material
  • lodge [beaver's den]
  • gap
  • burrow [also fig.]
  • constructing
  • holt
  • building site
  • hoosegow [Am.] [sl.]
  • cooler [sl.] [prison]
  • pen [coll.] [short for penitentiary]
  • den [of animals]

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Sentence Examples with the word Bau

Authorities.-For the topography, products, inhabitants and modern condition of Croatia-Slavonia, see Bau and Bild Osterreichs, by C. Diener, F.

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