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A BattyMatty is a curious creature, mainly land dwelling, but considered attracted towards bright disco lights, where he will 'Shake Wiggle Wiggle' until obligated to keep.There is only one identified types of BattyMatty, and day, no females happen identified. They are assumed to-be timid.BattyMatty's usually seem to have Cherub like characteristics, which act as sort of camouflage to entice naive females toward seedy BattyMatty way of living. From time to time, BattyMatty's will sway a lady to dress like a schoolgirl, and rumour features it, the schoolgirl is normally 'naughty'.Despite their outbound nature whenever songs is playing and lights are flickering, in daylight, BattyMatty's choose to continue to be withdrawn, usually searching for refuge behind a PC monitor where people cannot see all of them from their allocated sitting roles, and alternatively tend to be required turn to speculating about their particular moves. There have been unsubstantiated claims that involving the hours of 12-2pm they always eat a rabbit food like blend of lettuce and so on, periodically sprinkling in broken Wheeties to generate a cruton like effect.Although this 'cruton-creation' may initially appear a stroke of genius, this is not a claim usually targeted at the BattyMatty's, whom often deliver incoherent e-mails, as they are incompetent at offering details whenever completing an 'Accident Report Phase 2 - Follow Up' Document. They are also unable to cause. After all. Despite these shortcomings, the BattyMatty's merily trot through life, with a spring within their action, and newly nicely toned biceps, due to a pleasing outlook on life which simply leaves all of them safe within the understanding that their presence is helpful on office eco-system by which they constantly reside.BattyMatty's - We salute you.