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Battojutsu is a sword-based Japanese martial art. Generally, schools which style by themselves "battojutsu ryu" stress the perfection of Tameshigiri cutting method, as opposed to iaido ryu which will target drawing/sheathing, or kenjutsu ryu which worry dueling ability. "Battojutsu" or "iaijutsu" may also relate to the idea of attracting and hitting in a single movement. Batto/iaijutsu methods usually include drawing the saya (scabbard) as well as the sword forward, allowing the wielder to begin and complete the cut faster than would usually be feasible, typically one half to 3 quarters of a moment. Historically, battojutsu originated all over mid-15th century, around the advent of this uchigatana (a kind of Japanese sword). The saki-zori curvature (much more curved nearby the tip, unlike koshi-zori, curved nearby the hilt) of uchigatana assisted considerably in iaijutsu since it allowed the attack to start prior to the knife had totally left the sheath. Battojutsu is a Japanese term meaning techniques for engaging a sword. It's utilized interchangeably with all the terms iaijutsu, battodo, or iaido, although each term comes with nuances inside Japanese language and differing schools of Japanese fighting techinques may use all of them to distinguish between techniques (e.g. standing or sitting methods).