What does Battlefield Bad Company mean?

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The most kick-ass first person shooter made in history. Need to get inside a building, but that wall surface is preventing? Simple, blow it! This game rocks !, as every thing in environment is DESTROYABLE. You can easily blow-up houses, blow holes in walls, and of course it offers a reasonably entertaining single player mode. It is main awesomeness is featured on the web, where you can keep ranks, and also simply take screenshots and they'll auto-upload to EA's computers free of charge. It utilizes this new Frostbite engine, allowing individuals wreak havoc on the environmental surroundings, eg additionally blowing craters in to the floor, providing your teammates address. It features the old conquest mode, along with the brand new and popular gold-rush mode, where you must often safeguard or strike gold crates. Now you do not have to be concerned about idiots concealing on a regular basis, as you're able strike away their address, making all of them for dead.