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The struggle of stalingrad (1942-1943) had been violent conflict involving the armies of Russia and Germany. The dispute between the two nations had been ignited whenever Germany smashed the peace treaty they'd with Russia and invaded the Soviet Union. German forces joined the town of stalingrad (called after Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin) after decreasing it to ruins after massive bombing raids. The Russians counterattacked and the ensuing conflict became taped since the single bloodiest battle in history. Battling inside city ruins ended up being exceedingly feroucious with both sides dropping large number of men every day. The Russians by themselves destroyed 10,000 men in one time after a fierce counterattack. The Russians overrun pockets of German opposition with suicidal banzai like charges and took straight back areas of their city. Combat from the town hill called Mameyev Kurgan was particulary bloody. The mountain was bombed many times that after the war grass would not grow their consistently, and even today it's possible to nevertheless discover bones and bits of steel embedded in earth associated with slope. The fight ended following the Soviets surrounded the Germans with a fruitful countertop attack referred to as procedure Blau, evoking the surrender of German forces in the area. Casualties both for sides tend to be recorded as an overall total of 2 million individuals including civilians. The struggle ended up being immortalized for its total disregard for human being life, barbarism and unprecedented lack of personal life. A movie known as opponent at gates is mostly about a new soviet sniper who is caught up into the struggle as well as its harsh realities.