What does Battle Broyale mean?

Battle Broyale meaning in Urban Dictionary

a physical, testosterone-driven conflict between a comically excessive number of bro (usually opposing bro squads), especially when the aforementioned bros are inebriated and the offense in question is either petty or even nonexistent. Once this pseudo-offense occurs, a battle broyale will escalate extremely rapidly and must resolve of its own volition. It is best for bystanders to remain uninvolved and, if necessary, diverge themselves from the path of the conflict. Signs of an impending battle broyale include, but are not limited to: aggressive body posture of the general bro assembly; the removing of any remaining polos, tap out, affliction (ect.) shirts; the bowing of chests (bare or otherwise); statements like "WTF Bro?". All bros involved in a battle broyale, inebriated as they are, will leave it believe they are clearly the victor and making claims such as, "you should see the other guy!" It is for this reason that battle broyales are a frequently reoccurring event in brodom.