What does Batch processing mean?

Batch processing meaning in Law Dictionary

Data, instructions, or products perhaps not processed in real time. It's utilized whenever time just isn't important. They have been collected eventually and delivered together within one big group.

Batch processing meaning in Business Dictionary

Non-continuous (non-real time) handling of data, instructions, or materials. In information transmission, batch processing can be used for very large files or in which a fast reaction time is not important. The files is transmitted tend to be gathered over a period and deliver together as a batch.

Batch processing meaning in General Dictionary

the serial execution of computer programs

Batch processing meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

as an alternative named a batch system, batch handling is an approach of processing information that take place in one large team rather than separately. Batch handling is usually done to help conserve system resources and invite for any modifications prior to being prepared. For example, a banks will batch procedure all their transactions once hourly as opposed to processing each transaction immediately. Another example, is the Microsoft Outlook e-mail program, which keeps all your e-mails in an Outbox that's prepared every few minutes. This allows for an e-mail become modified or erased before it is delivered.