What does Bat Roulette mean?

Bat Roulette meaning in Urban Dictionary

this video game is a variation of Russian Roulette.It is played utilizing 6 cards and a wiffle baseball bat. 5 for the cards is going to be common cards like number cards and you will see 1 unique card including the master or a joker.Each player takes a turn attracting a card from 6 cards. They may shuffle the cards very first if they like, but that is considered lame and that person has been a pansy.The 1st round if someone draws the "bullet" card they truly are from the game with no consequences.2nd round when someone draws the "bullet" card, the person who is already away reaches strike the other individual since hard while he can but just where in fact the other person states they may be hit.From then on, whenever a person draws the "bullet" card, all of the people who will be currently out gets to just take a swing in the person.This continues until just one person is kept. That individual escapes all beatings but does not get to hit anybody.The person left over is definitely the champion.