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circumstances extensive school in Southern Wales, that has been the scene of several popular criminal scenes. The most significant becoming the wilcox rapes of 84 and 92, also to be remembered - Mr Parry ( 80- 94) which, just like most of the Catholic church, was let-off for son or daughter molestation charges as a result of their spiritual views. Mr Maughan ended up being the subject of an police query in 2007 after he was photographed by people in his course consuming whiskey and moving cigarettes, during year 7 courses. He was later on faced with being drunkenly disorderly at the Christmas party. However the school has had an extremely daunting history, since its birth in 1911, by buisnessman physician P. Parker ( great grandad of transexual Mr Parker), it's been the subject of vast critique. Physician Peter Parker ended up being extremely right wing and attempted to establish the school in line with the principals of battle and nationality. He wished only native transexuals become allowed in the college, excluding a very small minority for the Newport town population whom already have an evident gender category. Nevertheless after negotiations with Reverand Samuel p Finn - the grandmother of Paul Flyn - who was simply jailed in '09 for general public nudity at Belvue park, the institution ended up being permitted to open, recommending that maths and english be taught for at the very least 40 mins a week, and therefore detentions for bad locks days and unwaxed bikini lines had to get.