What does Basil mean?

Basil meaning in General Dictionary

your skin of a sheep tanned with bark

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  • The name fond of a few aromatic natural herbs of this Mint family members but chiefly towards common or nice basil Ocymum basilicum in addition to bush basil or lesser basil Ocymum minimum the leaves which are used in cookery The name is also given to a number of forms of hill mint Pycnanthemum
  • To grind or develop the edge of to an angle
  • The slope or position that the leading edge of a tool as an airplane is surface
  • any one of several old-world tropical aromatic annual or perennial natural herbs regarding the genus Ocimum
  • (Roman Catholic Church) the bishop of Caesarea whom defended the Roman Catholic Church resistant to the heresies associated with the 4th century; a saint and physician for the Church (329-379)
  • leaves associated with common basil; made use of fresh or dried
  • The slope or direction to which the leading edge of an instrument, as a plane, is ground.
  • To work or develop the edge of to an angle.
  • The name fond of a number of fragrant natural herbs associated with Mint family, but mainly on common or sweet basil (Ocymum basilicum), in addition to bush basil, or lesser basil (O. minimal), the leaves that are utilized in cookery. The name normally directed at a few types of mountain mint (Pycnanthemum).
  • skin of a sheep tanned with bark.

Basil meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: Arabic
Name Gender: Male

Basil meaning in Etymology Dictionary

aromatic shrubby plant, very early 15c., from Old French basile (15c., Modern French basilic), from Medieval Latin basilicum, from Greek basilikon (phyton) "royal (plant)," from basileus "king" (see Basil). So-called, probably, as it ended up being believed to have-been used in making royal perfumes. In Latin, mistaken for basiliscus (see basilisk) as it ended up being allowed to be an antidote towards basilisk's venom.

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  • masc. appropriate title, from Latin Basilius, from Greek Basileios "kingly, royal," from basileus "king," which can be of as yet not known beginning, possibly from a language of Asia Minor (compare Lydian battos "king").

Basil meaning in Cooking Dictionary

An herb commonly used in Italian cooking with a stronger nice taste. Basil can be used with several dishes it is most often paired with tomatoes. Basil is also one of the main ingredients in pesto, a thick paste produced by pounding the natural herb's green makes with Parmesan and Pecorino cheeses, pine peanuts and olive oil.

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  • Native to Asia, it offers for ages been a mainstay in Italian cooking. Its leaves have actually a spicy odor and taste that work well in sets from fish and shellfish cocktails and soups to stews along with other animal meat dishes.

Basil meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The pitch or position to which the innovative of something, as a plane, is surface.

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  • (v. t.) To work or develop the side of to an angle.
  • (n.) The name provided to several aromatic herbs associated with the Mint family members, but chiefly into typical or sweet basil (Ocymum basilicum), as well as the bush basil, or smaller basil (O. minimal), the leaves which are employed in cookery. The name can also be directed at a few forms of mountain mint (Pycnanthemum).
  • (letter.) The skin of a sheep tanned with bark.

Sentence Examples with the word Basil

His theological attitude was that known as semiArian or Homoiousian, and his associates were Eustathius of Sebaste and Basil of Ancyra.

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