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The Basenji is a small, short-haired searching puppy from Africa. It is short backed and softly built, appearing on top of the knee compared to its length. The wrinkled mind is proudly continued a well curved throat while the end is set high and curled. Elegant and graceful, your whole demeanor is one of poise and inquiring alertness. The balanced framework as well as the smooth musculature allows it to go with ease and agility. The Basenji hunts by both picture and fragrance. Characteristics--The Basenji shouldn't bark it is perhaps not mute. The wrinkled forehead, securely curled tail and swift, effortless gait (resembling a racehorse trotting full-out) are typical associated with type. Ideal level for puppies is 17 inches and bitches 16 inches. Dogs 17 inches and bitches 16 ins from front of chest to point of buttocks. Approximate fat for dogs, 24 weight and bitches, 22 pounds. Gently built inside this level to load proportion. The head is proudly held. Eyes--Dark hazel to darkish, almond-shaped, obliquely set and farseeing. Wrinkles appear upon the forehead whenever ears are erect, and they are fine and profuse. Part lines and wrinkles are desirable, but should not be exaggerated into dewlap. Neck of good size, well crested and a little complete at base of neck. Well set into shoulders. Topline--Back amount. Body--Balanced with a quick straight back, short-coupled and closing in a definite waistline. Ribs averagely sprung, deep to elbows and oval. Small forechest before point of shoulder. Chest of medium width. Tail is placed on top of topline, bends acutely ahead and lies well-curled up to either part. Coat short and fine. Body really pliant. Color--Chestnut purple; pure black; tricolor (pure black and chestnut red); or brindle (black colored stripes on a background of chestnut red); all with white legs, chest and end tip. White legs, blaze and collar recommended. The total amount of white should never predominate over main shade. Colors and markings should be wealthy, obvious and well-defined, with a distinct line of demarcation between your black colored and red of tricolors and the stripes of brindles. An intelligent, separate, but affectionate and aware breed. Are aloof with strangers. ..partial AKC standard an animal whos adorability is coordinated just by its annoyingness. A beautiful curly tailed dog that yodels in the place of barks.