What does Baseline mean?

Baseline meaning in General Dictionary

an imaginary range or standard by which things are calculated or in comparison while they established set up a baseline the budget

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  • an imaginary range or standard where things are assessed or contrasted
  • the rear line bounding each end of a tennis or handball judge; when offering the host mustn't step over this line
  • the outlines a baseball player must follow while working the bases

Baseline meaning in Medical Dictionary

Information or information gathered at the beginning of a period of time where variations that consequently develop are in comparison.

Baseline meaning in Law Dictionary

1. the starting point for contrast. 2. the essential suggestion provided whenever a request is sent. Refer to acquisition program standard, contracnt spending plan standard, and gratification measurement standard. 3. the line that a building is measured from. AKA latitud

Baseline meaning in Etymology Dictionary

additionally base-line, 1750, initially in surveying, from base (n.) + range (letter.). Baseball diamond sense is from 1867. Standard estimate in use by 1983.

Baseline meaning in Sports Dictionary

the finish line, situated 4ft behind the backboard. (recreation: Basketball)

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  • The range establishing the back of the courtroom. (recreation: Tennis)

Baseline meaning in Business Dictionary

1. General: Clearly defined kick off point (point of departure) from where execution begins, improvement is judged, or contrast is created. 2. Contracting: fundamental proposal posted in reaction to a request proposals (RFP). See additionally acquisition system standard, contract budget standard, and performance measurement baseline. 3. Surveying: Surveyed range (operating east and west; the longitudes or meridians operate north and south) that the location of a building, geographic feature, or territorial and maritime zones, etc., are assessed and referenced. Also called latitude.

Baseline meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

set up a baseline is a concealed horizontal range in which all lowercase characters tend to be place. This enables for text to-be even, unless usually specified inside system. The image is a good example of what the baseline looks like therefore the descender going past it.

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The stomping baseline is nicely juxtaposed with samples from The Blues Brothers film.

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