What does Base pair mean?

Base pair meaning in General Dictionary

a unit of two fold stranded DNA or RNA consisting of two complementary basics on opposing strands for the dual stranded polynucleotide bound collectively by hydrogen bonds alongside non covalent chemical causes The bases comprising the beds base pairs tend to be adenine thymine cytidine and guanine In typical DNA the bottom adenine on one strand of DNA pairs with thymine on the contrary strand and cytosine using one strand sets with guanine regarding the other strand The expression base pair generally includes the sugar ribose or deoxyribose while the phosphate bound to each base to create a nucleotide device one-base set is sometimes used as a unit of length or size for DNA plus in this use is abbreviated bp as a 100 bp fragment of DNA A length of 1000 base pairs is a kilobase pair or kbp

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  • one of several pairs of substance bases joined up with by hydrogen bonds that connect the complementary strands of a DNA molecule or of an RNA molecule which have two strands; the beds base pairs tend to be adenine with thymine and guanine with cytosine in DNA and adenine with uracil and guanine with cytosine in RNA

Base pair meaning in Medical Dictionary

Two DNA bases which can be complementary to one another (A and T, or G and C) and interact strands to create the double-helix that's characteristic of DNA.