What does Base Pad mean?

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A misnomer of baseball term “Base routes” which is the imaginary line through the center range (unmarked) between very first to second to third base. Additionally includes the range (noted) at home to first and from 3rd to home The runner is certainly not allowed to leave this imaginary line in order to prevent being tagged on, unless the runner is preventing a player fielding a batted ball.The variation derives from a mispronunciation of this term “base path” in which the “th” in “paths”, is lazily spoken causing a “Z” or “D” sound at the conclusion of the word.Background:On the New York Mets Message Board August 28, 2010, poster “C0bra” Insulted fellow posters for without having heard about the word “Base Pads” and proceeded to insist that it was actually, a genuine baseball term. Poster “Ilikethemets” was first to call out the error, hilarity therefore ensued.