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possibly it is the freshmen that produce the college absurd, wandering the hallways like they are the shit because out of the blue they truly are in senior school. They define by themselves by dressing on nature days and looking completely lost in the busses. After that, the sophomores, whom constantly believe these are the shit as they aren't freshmen any longer. They eventually discover ways to outfit and find a team of friends they fit in with, about. Juniors, most of the good ones are the ones which are attempting to just have the fuck away. Although like 1 / 2 of the juniors are the type that OMG simply cannot watch for SENIOR YEAR. after all, come-on, senior ditch time???!?? i'dn't miss that the globe !! They are all retarded and immature, perhaps not realizing simply how much is in front of all of them, and that they tend to be wasting their time. Not only that, the seniors, just who really in ways cannot also matter. They truly are leaving, and all sorts of the crisis is by using the underclassmen. These are generally just using it easy. However you know what ? despite all of that, it isn't the students that bang the school up just as much as the staff. I am talking about, we could all cope with the students, we have been doing it consistently. Exactly how is-it reasonable to possess about a hundred children wait in a line to sign in for school whenever its performing this defectively on evaluating ? What exactly is the idea of enforcing wearing IDs at school if you don't monitor just who goes in and out-of-school AT ALL? What exactly is the purpose of the stupid pep assemblies that everybody does their utmost to ditch? What's with hiring track mentors as party instructors ? You Wouldnt employ a-dance instructor to instruct record, would you ?