What does Barret mean?

Barret meaning in General Dictionary

some sort of limit formerly donned by troops called additionally barret limit In addition the flat-cap donned by Roman Catholic ecclesiastics

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  • a type of cap previously worn by soldiers; -- called in addition barret limit. Additionally, the flat cap donned by Roman Catholic ecclesiastics.

Barret meaning in Names Dictionary

Variant of Barnett.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Male

Barret meaning in Etymology Dictionary

kind of flat cap, 1828, from French barrette, cognate with Spanish birreta, Italian beretta (see biretta).

Barret meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Some sort of cap previously donned by soldiers; -- called also barret cap. Also, the flat cap worn by Roman Catholic ecclesiastics.

Sentence Examples with the word Barret

At Leipzig) the surplice is still worn; but the pastors now usually wear a barret cap, a black gown of the type worn by Luther himself, and white bands.

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