What does Barre mean?

Barre meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Male

Barre meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1876, in mention of the chords played on a guitar, etc., from French, virtually "bar" (see club (n.1)).

Barre - French to English


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  • bar
  • space bar
  • tool bar
  • crossbar
  • tiller
  • helm
  • scroll club
  • search club
  • candy bar [esp. Am.] [chocolate]

Barre - German to English

bar [in lake, harbour]

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  • overslaugh [Am.]
  • Mercier's barrier
  • bar
  • barre

Sentence Examples with the word Barre

The Grand Pont, designed by the cantonal engineer, Adrien Pichard (1790--1841), was built 1839-1844, while the Barre tunnel was pierced 1851-1855 and the bridge of Chauderon was built in 1905.

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