What does Barrak Obama mean?

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"the only real guy in the us that claims absolutely nothing much better than any person features ever before stated something. He hopes for modification, and it is altering for hope. He hopes you will vote for change, or replace your vote for hope. He's the ongoing future of modification and hope, since the past isn't change, or hope." - Taken from excerts of his speaches. This man isn't for The united states such as the above stated def of him says. He could be inexperenced, does not know very well what to talk about without a teleprompter (yes he is even worse than Bush at speach) and doesn't actually previously state anything that he could be planning to do to "transform" America. A vote for Barrak is not a vote for "Change", or "Hope" but a vote when it comes to downgrading regarding the American. A vote for more unlawful immagrants, terrible policys, higher taxes, plus most likely than not, WAR. The aforementioned def reported which he will never be killed if he wins. On the other hand, Snipers tend to be polishing their firearms and waiting for either him or perhaps the Anti-Christ Hillary to create their particular move.