What does Barker Road Middle School mean?

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A middle school positioned in Pittsford NY (a suburb of Rochester) in Monroe County. It is recognized for its corrupt authorities. (primarily the assistant key whom takes it the butt), and for becoming a spot where everybody else cares about shit that does not matter. (rumors are spread quicker then a youngster can spend a-quarter.) You can't get away with something in Barker Road.Heres the fundamental layout:6th Grade- They get smaller on a yearly basis. Additionally the population increases each year. They may be much too cocky, and deserve to get defeat straight down. They truly are joined in a lot of the reduced college organizations.7th Grade- A little more adult, but they are essentially contains strange balls that stick collectively. Very little of groups right here. Several of those kids tend to be pretty cool.8th Grade- most likely the only cool class, consists of some pretty cool kids, with their very own categories of pals- yet still are friends with other people.Oh, and just how can I forget the jocks?the majority of the jocks are all great, not as gay as various other schools. Give opportunities as soon as you get to know them. Nevertheless they have cool. They generally get cocky, that is annoying as hell. In addition they steal the bitches, which gets all of them even more cocky. That is if they deserve to die.