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Barely Blind (literal definition - complete void of skill), tend to be an extremely well-known musical team within their home town of Groves, Tx, that getting a national fanbase of bitches without a suitable style in songs. Running on the musical lack of knowledge of other individuals, the band manipulates components of stone and powerpop to hypnotise twelve-year olds and kids which act as "emo". This hypnotism attracts them away from the only group they listen to, My Chemical Romance, and means they are wank to fucking Barely Blind. The results for this are so powerful, your very first note of any Barely Blind track could make certainly one of their bitch followers have an orgasm. A sub-par, entirely unoriginal "punk" musical organization from Tx. Though they're somewhat talented musically, their particular music is extremely general. Their particular major fan base is teenage women.