What does Barbress mean?

Barbress meaning in Urban Dictionary

Used to explain a female barber. Some may think this information should are categorized as stylist. This, however, is not the situation. A stylist charges $65 for a male haircut and in most cases extremely cool, extremely awesome dudes visit these places.A barbress is a friendly gal just who cuts the hair for $18, includes a shampoo and a head massage, also provides a rather unpretentious aura. The barbress store is an exceptionally casual location where the all-american child nearby will get a haircut without paying way too much for a stylist or becoming yelled at by a barber.A barbress is a real american who works difficult on her guidelines, slices a hell of a hair blade, and may always relate solely to her customer. A barbress is certainly not a stylist...she is a lady barber...she is a barbress.