What does Barbary mean?

Barbary meaning in General Dictionary

The nations in the north coast of Africa from Egypt on Atlantic

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  • a spot of north Africa on the Mediterranean coastline between Egypt and Gibraltar; ended up being made use of as a base for pirates from the sixteenth to 19th hundreds of years
  • The nations regarding north shore of Africa from Egypt to the Atlantic. For this reason: A Barbary horse; a barb. [Obs.] Additionally, a type of pigeon.

Barbary meaning in Names Dictionary

A form of Barbara preferred in Medeival Britain after the 3rd century martyr St. Barbara.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Female

Barbary meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "foreign places" (especially non-Christian places), from Latin barbaria (see barbarian). Meaning "Saracens staying in seaside North Africa" is attested from 1590s, via French (Old French barbarie), from Arabic Barbar, Berber, ancient Arabic name for inhabitants of North Africa beyond Egypt. Perhaps a native title, maybe an Arabic word, from barbara "to babble confusedly," but this could be ultimately from Greek barbaria. "The actual relations (if any) of Arabic and Gr[eek] words cannot be settled; in European langs. barbaria, Barbarie, Barbary, have through the first been treated as identical with L. barbaria, Byzantine Gr[eek] barbaria land of barbarians" [OED].

Barbary meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The nations on the north shore of Africa from Egypt toward Atlantic. Therefore: A horse; a barb. [Obs.] Additionally, a kind of pigeon.

Sentence Examples with the word Barbary

The seaports wrested at the same period from the Saracens along the Spanish and Barbary coasts became important Genoese colonies, whilst in the Levant, on the shores of the Black Sea, and along the banks of the Euphrates were erected Genoese fortresses' of great strength.

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