What does Barack Brobama mean?

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Barack Brobama - (proper) nounYour good friend.Specifically your black colored (or mixed black x white) friend.Does not have to be, or have the desire to be, President of anything but must be very smart and educated to, or near, Doctorate degree, though this doesn't fundamentally have to be Law or Politics associated.Barack Brobama can perform befriending those that will be typically viewed as dangerous and/or aggressive (example Russians), has actually an acceptable proficiency at handling resources and possessions and, among other things, is typically worried about the well being of their bros.Also, might responsible for the murder of Brosama Bin Laden.And is Bromander in Chief of this United Bro's Armed Forces (UBAF).See in addition:Broseph Stalin, Broseph Goebbels, Abroham Lincoln, Brosama container Laden