What does Bar chart mean?

Bar chart meaning in Finance Dictionary

Bar charts have a wide variety of applications plus the financial areas are utilized by technical experts to plot share cost histories of companies. The chart is comparable to a line chart in having time along the X-axis and price over the Y-axis. But instead of a single point becoming put on the chart for each period of time (say daily) a vertical club is attracted. The top the bar is drawn in the highest price reached because of the instrument during the day additionally the bottom of club reaches the lowest cost. A variation in the quick club chart is manufactured when opening and finishing prices are readily available. Along with the main bar, the orifice pricing is represented by a tick regarding the remaining side of the club as well as the finishing cost by a tick from the right side regarding the club.

Bar chart meaning in Law Dictionary

chart which has had horizontal rectangles. The distance represents price. Its regularly compare values of items in friends. AKA bar graph. Relate to Gantt chart.

Bar chart meaning in Business Dictionary

Horizontal rectangles (bars) chart when the length of a bar is proportional into the value (as measured across the horizontal axis) regarding the product (entity or amount) it presents. Also called club graph, it is made use of generally examine the values of a number of things in a bunch at a given time. See additionally Gantt chart.

Bar chart meaning in General Dictionary

a chart with pubs whose lengths tend to be proportional to quantities

Bar chart meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Alternatively referred to as a bar graph, a bar chart is a graphic representation of data. Bar charts reveal horizontal or straight pubs going throughout the chart horizontally, using the values axis often exhibited regarding bottom associated with chart. Here is a sample picture of a bar chart of unique visitors computer system Hope has gotten amongst the several years of 2000 and 2006.