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BaoIsm belief says that everybody great or bad begins at Hell that is called "earth" it self. Once one passes on however, they will reform into a heaven no real matter what sin's or crimes they have dedicated. This "heaven" depends about what anyone believed in before passing, and exactly what their morals and values were. The paradise will then open up at "gates" like in several stories and you may go through. As much churches attempt to implement the exact same belief in lots of people, particularly Christianity. That is simply to get lots of people beneath the same paradise, but it will never be the heaven this is certainly based on the man or woman's real opinions that are closed beneath the power of this 'bible'. It would likely just be a conspiracy concept against churches, but it is a possible response. Now men and women question what eventually the "bad" folks, they must be tortured as well correct? Really, since their particular morals and values had been doing bad things then they will spread to a "heaven" that's suitable for them. You could phone their form of "heaven" to actually be a "hell", however in truth its a "heaven" that befits their particular state of mind before driving. There's no written training or manuscript on BaoIsm, however it is written in the minds and minds of any person. Baoism just isn't a religion, it's an easy method of life. Produced and practiced by the Great Bao-Loc Van Nguyen.