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Of or pertaining to the Bantu language team Bantu meaning 2 as Bantu languages

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  • an associate of one of the great category of Negroid tribes occupying equatorial and south Africa These tribes feature as crucial divisions the Kafirs Damaras Bechuanas and many tribes whose names begin with Aba Ama Ba Ma Wa variants of the Bantu plural individual prefix Aba such as Ba ntu or Aba ntu itself a variety of this prefix utilizing the syllable ntu you or like in Watusi
  • of or relating to the African people who talk one of many Bantoid languages or even to their particular tradition
  • a member of every of a lot of linguistically associated individuals of Central and Southern Africa
  • a family of languages commonly talked in southern 1 / 2 of the African continent

Bantu meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1862, put on south African language group in 1850s by German linguist Wilhelm Heinrich Immanuel Bleek (1827-1875), from local Ba-ntu "mankind," from ba-, plural prefix, + ntu "a person, individual." Bantustan in a South African context is from 1949.

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Coast regions, and of the Bantu in 1911 no fewer than 871,062 lived in the Transkeian territories, where there were 54 persons to the sq.

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