What does Banner Ad mean?

Banner Ad meaning in SEO Dictionary

A banner advertising is a rectangular visual ad. Banner advertisements tend to be among commonest forms of internet marketing. Their particular sizes vary, but most measure 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high. Hitting a banner ad will direct you to definitely the advertiser's website or a designated Landing Page.

Banner Ad meaning in Marketing Dictionary

a graphical web marketing and advertising product, usually measuring 468 pixels broad and 60 pixels tall (for example. 468×60).

Banner Ad meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

Whether you love it or perhaps not, most of the internet is run by marketing. Just like tv or radio, web sites could offer free content by generating revenue from marketing and advertising. When you may get fed up with online adverts occasionally, we would agree totally that seeing various commercials occasionally is better than having to pay a usage charge per site. Possibly the many prolific type of internet marketing and advertising could be the banner ad. It really is a lengthy, rectangular image that can be put just about anywhere on an internet page. Most advertising ads tend to be 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high (468x60). They could contain text, images, or occasionally those annoying animations making it difficult to focus on the web page's content. No matter what the form of your banner, when a user clicks the ad, she or he is redirected on advertiser's site.