What does Bank Line mean?

Bank Line meaning in Finance Dictionary

A moral, in the place of a contractual, dedication by a bank to offer financing to a borrower up to a stated complete amount over a stated duration, typically one year. Because a bank range, also referred to as a line of credit, is certainly not a legal commitment, it is not usual for a consignment charge becoming recharged. But can be required to keep compensating balances on deposit, typically 10% of this lender line plus an extra 10percent of real borrowings. Where clients are officially informed in respect of a line, the word is recommended line or confirmed line. Where the bank sets an interior guide and also the client isn't notified the expression is guidance range.

Bank Line meaning in Law Dictionary

REVOLVING CREDIT FACILITY established as an ADVISED LINE (i.e., the customer is created alert to the scale and terms of the facility) or a GUIDANCE LINE (for example., the client isn't recommended of certain measurements of the line). See also COMMITTED FINANCING.

Bank Line meaning in General Dictionary

the maximum credit that an individual is allowed