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not to ever be confused with Wi-Fi GypsiesA individual who moves around in a caravan or even more likely white transit van looking for free or unprotected Wi-Fi things, wherever people stupid enough not to have a firewall may go. Unlike Wi-Fi Gypsies, in the event that you cross their particular hand with data transfer, they're going to take your data transfer, your collection of porn and CD secrets and a lot of probably your paypal account details.Another crucial distinction between Bandwidth Pikeys and Wi-Fi Gypsies is that Wi-Fi gypsies can track their particular beginnings to traveling laptop people frequenting Romanian porn web sites. In comparison, Bandwidth Pikeys have no record while traced are often found having a criminal reccord.Bandwidth Pikeys utilize cracked variations of both Microsoft windows Vista and Windows myself, it really is thought that the shitness of the systems are for this Bandwidth Pikeys bad temperament. Hardcore Bandwidth Pikeys is seen operating other systems, normally an illustration they have not only taken Wi-Fi, but also a laptop to gain access to it with.