What does Bandwidth mean?

Bandwidth meaning in General Dictionary

the most price of information transfer assessed in bitssecond that can be carried by a communication channel

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  • a data transmission rate; the maximum amount of data (bits/second) that may be transmitted along a channel

Bandwidth meaning in Marketing Dictionary

how much data could be transmitted in a period duration over a communications station, frequently expressed in kilobits per 2nd (kbps).

Bandwidth meaning in Law Dictionary

The speed indicators travel through cable. The width of this pipeline is a component in this figure. The analog and electronic transmissions are used to compute this. Digital transmissions require even more space than analog. A phone is an example of analog transmission

Bandwidth meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1930, in electronics, from musical organization (n.1) + width.

Bandwidth meaning in Business Dictionary

price at which electronic signals can travel through a medium, particularly a wire, cable, or channel. Bandwidth can be thought of as the width of 'pipe' through which information journeys: higher the width, bigger the actual quantity of information that will move through it. Theoretically, this means the essential difference between two frequencies. In analog transmission (eg of vocals signals over copper telephone outlines) data transfer is calculated in cycles per 2nd (or Hertz); for example, a telephone conversation requires about 4,000 Hertz (4KHz) of bandwidth. In electronic transmission (eg of information from computer system to some other) bandwidth is measured in bits per second (BPS); like, modern-day modems can receive and send information at 56,000 bps (56 Kbps) over ordinary telephone outlines. For similar amount of information, digital transmission calls for more bandwidth than the analog transmission, and different kinds of data require different bandwidths. Including, full motion video clip typically needs about 10 million bits per second (10 Mbps) data transfer that is sufficient to hold 1,200 simultaneous phone conversations.

Bandwidth meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

whenever talking about a connection, data transfer, interaction speed, or connection speed is the complete optimum capability of the community or modem link. For example, when connecting into the Internet making use of a modem the pc may say "linked at 28.8kbps", which can be 28.8 kilobits per second of information transfer. The greater amount of bandwidth some type of computer features, the quicker it will be in a position to send and receive information. A modem with a connection of 56kbps is almost doubly fast together 28.8kbps and people with a broadband connection can get transfers speeds of a few MB every 2nd, that is a lot more than triple the rate regarding the quickest modem.

Sentence Examples with the word Bandwidth

We don't need bandwidth to be instant, just nearly instant.

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