What does Banding mean?

Banding meaning in General Dictionary

A strip or stripe of a contrasting shade or material

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  • a stripe or stripes of contrasting shade
  • an adornment comprising a strip of a contrasting shade or product
  • of Band

Banding meaning in Sports Dictionary

the word familiar with describe the strips that divide the courtroom. (sport: Netball)

Banding meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

a) In equine terms, a technique of styling a mane into areas with elastic bands b) Marking an animal (example. a bird) by attaching a band to part of their body. c) a technique always castrate animals where a rubber band is placed on scrotum, evoking the testicles to atrophy.

Banding meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Band

Sentence Examples with the word Banding

With two exceptions, these chickens that had learnt to associate black and yellow banding with a bitter taste also refused to touch the caterpillar of the cinnabar moth (Euchelia jacobaeae), which is banded with these colours.

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