What does Band Skimmer mean?

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somebody who claims understand many groups, mainly regarding the Indie variety, though only knows about no more than two tracks per band. A band skimmer will claim to "love" said musical organization, but once inquired about various other tracks by all of them, they are going to often pretend to understand another tune which they "cannot appear to consider at this time" or just suggest that they've beenn't alert to other songs by all of them. To be classified a band skimmer, anyone involved must claim to know many groups. And untrue claims of music knowledge, a band skimmer will try to mooch music off of you. If you're playing a good playlist, they'll recommend you give them a list of songs in your playlist rather than actually taking the time to broaden their music horizon as a genuine music guru is going to do. Band skimmers are greatly into main stream songs besides, and many tend to be "popular." (See 'Poser')a few examples associated with bands they might claim to learn integrate (but they are not restricted to):-Animal Collective-Counting Crows-Neutral dairy Hotel-Bob Marley (seriously folks, he's got more records than just Legend...)-Ray LaMontagne-Broken Bells-Aqualung-Belle & Sebastian-Oasis-The Shins