What does Bancassurance mean?

Bancassurance meaning in Finance Dictionary

a mixture of banking and insurance businesses. Increased street bank, for example, might sell both mortgages together with term life insurance policies that have to choose all of them. Additionally pertains to retirement sales by banking institutions.

Bancassurance meaning in Law Dictionary

Selling insurance to clients of a bank. A wide variety of products are provided.

Bancassurance meaning in Business Dictionary

The sale of insurance coverage products to already established clients of a bank, thus allowing the financial institution to offer a wider selection of items with their clients.

Bancassurance meaning in Insurance Dictionary

The marketing and advertising and purchase of insurance items through bank circulation networks. This process enables banking institutions and insurers to discover new clients and produce additional items through enhanced circulation channels. As consumer demands become much more specialized and financial solutions organizations still merge, this type of strategic associations and their particular resulting services and products can be more prevalent.