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The infamous player in black chronilogical age of Camelot, regarding the group of Killibury. Most known by using the ability "Mastery of focus" which will not make you interupted by melee assaults, or means. However make use of that capability on an incoming team 99.9% of times.Also generally Bamsen, Bamzen, Bamzee, Bamsenx, Bambot, Maximuz.Also recognized for incorporating other people characters to their Camelot Monkey.com account.These people tend to be Kameha (Sean the Aussie) and Zurdo. a famous and loved-by-all swedish cartoon caracter that has been around for many years. He is considered to be "the worlds best bear". He will not utilize their energy to carry chaos, he makes use of their power to fight the bad individuals which help their friends.. and possibly occasionally touch their buddies also.