What does Bamboo mean?

Bamboo meaning in General Dictionary

To flog aided by the bamboo

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  • A plant of the category of grasses and genus Bambusa growing in tropical countries
  • the difficult woody stems of bamboo flowers; utilized in building and crafts and fishing poles
  • woody exotic lawn having hollow woody stems; mature canes used for construction and furniture
  • A plant of group of grasses, and genus Bambusa, developing in exotic nations.
  • To flog using bamboo.

Bamboo meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, from Dutch bamboe, from Portuguese bambu, early in the day mambu (16c.), most likely from Malay samambu, though some suspect this can be it self an imported word.

Bamboo meaning in Symbols Dictionary

perhaps one of the most ubiquitous symbols of east Asia, bamboo is a plant with several meanings and, in modern business and production, a plant with many practical uses.

Bamboo meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A plant of this family of grasses, and genus Bambusa, developing in exotic countries.

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  • (v. t.) To flog using the bamboo.

Sentence Examples with the word Bamboo

The Ayan spruce (Abies ayanensis), the Sakhalin fir (Abies sachalensis) and the Daurian larch are the chief trees; on the upper parts of the mountains are the Siberian rampant cedar (Cembra pumila) and the Kurilian bamboo (Arundinaria kurilense).

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