What does Balthazar mean?

Balthazar meaning in Names Dictionary

'The Comedy of mistakes' A merchant.
Name Origin: Shakespearean
Name Gender: Male

Balthazar meaning in Etymology Dictionary

masc. appropriate title, from French, from Latin, from Greek Baltasar, from Hebrew Belteshatztzar (Dan. x:1), from Babylonian Balat-shar-usur, virtually "save your self the life of the master."

Balthazar meaning in General Dictionary

(New-Testament) one of several three sages through the east just who came bearing gift suggestions the infant Jesus

Sentence Examples with the word Balthazar

Luis de 1Vlenezes, conde de Ericeira, the ecclesiastical histories of Archbishop Rodrigo da Cunha, the Agiologio lusitano of Jorge Cardoso and the Chronica da Companhia de Jesus by, Padre Balthazar Telles.

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