What does Balthasar mean?

Balthasar meaning in Urban Dictionary

1) Intelectual and awesome2) safeguarded because of the god Ba'al3) May relate to one of many three holy kings4) Ironically may also reference Belshazzar, a demon also referred to as the devil himself

Balthasar meaning in Names Dictionary

Safeguard the master. The Greek kind of the Old-Testament Bel-shazzar, discussing the Babylonian Jesus Bel. Among the Magi pointed out in Matthew's tale for the Na-tivity had been Balthasar.
Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: Male

Balthasar meaning in General Dictionary

(New Testament) the three sages from the east which came bearing gifts for the infant Jesus

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Sentence Examples with the word Balthasar

The chief names in this advanced theology connected with Cartesian doctrines are Ludwig Meyer, the friend and editor of Spinoza, author of a work termed Philosophia scripturae interpres (1666); Balthasar Bekker, whose World Bewitched helped to discredit the superstitious fancies about the devil; and Spinoza, whose Tractatus theologico-politicus is in some respects the classical type of rational criticism up to the present day.

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