What does Balsamic Vinegar mean?

Balsamic Vinegar meaning in Cooking Dictionary

An Italian vinegar made from white Trebbiano grape juice. This has a dark shade and pungent sweetness from the aging process in barrels made of timber.

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  • A wonderfully fragrant vinegar created from the juice of Trebbiano grapes. The liquid will be heated and elderly in wooden barrels, evaporating and focusing in taste. The resulting vinegar is deep wealthy brown with a sweet and sour flavor. Well-aged balsamic vinegars are pricey, some reaching an astronomical $200 an ounce. Many balsamic vinegars based in the United States are not "aceto balsamico tradizionale", but an aged balsamic vinegar. These vinegars lack in human body and taste that the well-aged balsamic vinegars possess, however have actually a good sweet and sour stability of flavor maybe not within virtually any vinegars.