What does Balmoral mean?

Balmoral meaning in General Dictionary

A long woolen petticoat worn instantly under the gown

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  • a sturdy laced walking shoe
  • a brimless dark-blue Scottish cap with a set top and a plume on one side
  • a lengthy woolen petticoat, used immediately under the dress.
  • some sort of stout walking shoe, laced in front.

Balmoral meaning in Names Dictionary

from majestic village.
Name Origin: Scottish
Name Gender: Male

Balmoral - German to English

Balmoral (bonnet)

Balmoral meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A long woolen petticoat, worn immediately under the gown.

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  • (n.) A kind of stout walking footwear, laced ahead.

Sentence Examples with the word Balmoral

A report by Sir James Clark led to the queen's visiting Balmoral in 1848, and to the purchase of the Balmoral estate in 1852, and the queen's diary of her journeys in Scotland shows what constant enjoyment she derived from her Highland home.

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