What does Ballbag Olympics mean?

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Ballbag Olympics is a catch-all term given to any non-sexual game concerning exposing an individual's ballbag.This generally requires tugging one's ballbag out through the fly of the pants (simply the scrotal epidermis or one or both testes) whilst in a breeding ground not typically associated with basketball sac visibility - ie. a club, the Grand National, a car or truck park in Runcorn, etc.These "ball-games" include, but they are not limited to:* Ballbag golf - Basic golf, however the individual because of the worst score exposes their ballbag throughout the following hole* Touch - a-game typically played whilst consuming alcohol in bars or clubs that involves getting your ballbag out and "pressing" it against an unsuspecting friend or, if you are feeling brave, stranger and achieving a third individual simply take a photo. One point for every single successful touch without the "touchee" noticing* Background Ballbag - by which if you see some body going to take a photograph, you whip out of the old ballbag and surely get yourself within the background.