What does BallSlicerZ mean?

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an organization that contains the nouns: PandaR, Hinsonhui, and KelvinMak. If you don't know who they really are, kindly look all of them up right now with this internet site. PandaR, becoming the start of some ideas, the a few ideas head to KelvinMak (because he notices unusual crap), he then updates it, as well as publishes a fresh inside joke, or some other things including posted on www.urbandictionary.com/pandaboyx . None the less, the other ballslicer, hinsonhui, is a copyright and often comprises copyrights or propagands ballslicerz's terms/inside jokes. This is actually the organization system regarding the BallslicerZ. They also have a Ventrilo station called: BallSlicerZ, the password could be the typical one because of their business. This company ended up being produced from the definition of: "may i only cut my balls off?"