What does Ball Juggling mean?

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To juggle balls is similar to to kiss butt, brown-nose, or pull up it is much more intense and sophisticated because of the numerous styles and practices.Ball juggling is common from students to teachers or empoyees to employers. This term often applies to males, and frequently English educators.Ball juggling is much more dangerous than ass-kissing because once you begin the goal needs to be happy or they'll certainly be left with blue balls that may infuriate them.Examples include:The 'over-friendly juggle' helps make the instructor experience hot and welcome. A greeting particularly "hey bro" or a remark particularly "good work guy". This style helps make the instructor more at risk of other styles of baseball juggling.The 'side kick juggle' is where one helps the teacher.The 'expression juggle' where whilst the teacher speaks the juggler gazes in their eyes and nods their particular head, responding with various facial expressions to the tale and gestures.The 'thief juggle' where one snatches the ball in mid-air and juggles it themselves.The "sparknotes juggle" is when one makes use of another source of information to wow the teacher.The 'complementary juggle' is a subtle technique, a company "great task sir", or "what understanding" could be the basis of the form.