What does Ball Category mean?

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Testicles are offered in couple of shapes, even more sizes and many more quantities of maintenance and hygiene. Balls being arranged into groups by people who care about what they invest their mouths. They're defined as followsCategory 1- The creme de los angeles creme of bollocks. Tight, defuzzed, washed with some types of detergent and good sized.Category 2- Trimmed, wiped with a wet flannel and either slightly huge or slightly little. Hook smell of sweat is okay, awful scent will shunt you down to category 4.Category 3- Untamed, lynxed to within an inch of these lives, dimensions indistinguishable underneath the 'fro.Category 4- Scrotum seemingly have space for at the very least 4 even more testicles, overwhelming position aroma of stale perspiration and ignorant of all locks removal methods.Category 5- Alien nards. Some thing strange or horrifying, like an additional one, or ropey veins all over.