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Balkh had been the main city from which the Aryans relocated to the other areas of Persia and Hindustan. It remained as a vital town the scatter of Aryan Civilization for a number of centuries.Balkh had a significant role in improvement Persian language and literary works. The first works of Persian literary works had been authored by the poets and writers who were initially from Balkh.Many famous Persian poets originated from Balkh.A project of modernization was done in 1934, which eight streets had been organized, housing and bazaars built. Contemporary Balkh is a center associated with cotton fiber industry, associated with skins understood frequently the western as "Persian lamb", as well as farming produce like almonds and melons. Many places of interest are to be seen these days besides the ancient ruins and fortifications:* The madrasa of Sayed Subhan Quli Khan.* Bala-Hesar, the shrine and mosque of Khwaja Nasr Parsa.* The tomb associated with the poetess Rabia Balkhi.* The Nine Domes Mosque (Masjid Now Gumbad). This exquisitely ornamented mosque, also referred to as Haji Piyada, could be the very first Islamic monument however identified in Afghanistan.* Tap-e Rustam and Takht-e Rustam

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From Zari, on the road to Balkh by the Balkhab, at the east end of the Sokhtagi valley; Shahr-i-Babar, about 45 m.

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