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An unusual variety of ape that resides in Northern Ireland and also the East coastline of The united states. These animals in many cases are confused about they truly are sex and also been known to mate with people in the same sex as well as one another making them inbreeds! Obtained been proven to mate with other animals and generally are specially keen on mating with siamese kitties. The United states type are evidently a lot of wankers but the Irish breed are not much different. The United states breed unfortuitously suffer with the exact same delusions as all Us citizens and have a tendency to Masturbate over they truly are own country and its particular leader. The Irish type are quite keen on wresting, seeing sweaty half-naked and sometimes virtually completey nude guys grapple together, but after all, these are typically bi-curious. One of these is suffering from an inherited defect generally melon head problem which inturn for him brings him plenty of ridicule as he has actually a melon head.Regards Pophead The fur attached to the testicles