What does Baldwin mean?

Baldwin meaning in General Dictionary

a type of reddish moderately acidic cold temperatures apple

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  • English statesman; person in the conventional Party (1867-1947)
  • united states of america author who had been an outspoken critic of racism (1924-1987)
  • an American eating apple with purple or yellow and purple epidermis
  • some sort of reddish, reasonably acid, cold weather apple.

Baldwin meaning in Names Dictionary

Bald friend.
Name Origin: German
Name Gender: Male

Baldwin meaning in Etymology Dictionary

masc. correct title, from Old French Baldoin (Modern French Baudouin), from a Germanic resource comparable to Old High German Baldawin, virtually "bold buddy," from bald "bold" (see bold) + wini "friend" (see winnings). A popular Flemish title, typical in The united kingdomt pre and post the Conquest.

Baldwin meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Some sort of reddish, moderately acid, cold weather apple.

Sentence Examples with the word Baldwin

Among the landmarks of South Orange are an old stone house of unknown date, but mentioned in legal documents describing the surrounding property as early as 1680; the Baldwin House (c. 1717); and the Timothy Ball House (1743).

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